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What a tremendous blessing it is to have you visiting our site today. Please connect with us and visit the different areas of this site, online there are many resources to help you in your walk with God. Do not hesitate to contact us for prayer requests or any other need you have to share with us.

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About Justin

Justin was born and raised in the city of Kingston, Ontario located in the nation of Canada. He excepted Jesus into his life at a very young age and since then he has known the call of God. At the age of 17 Justin had a remarkable encounter with the Holy Spirit that radically changed and has forever impacted his life. It was after this experience that Justin developed a deeper desire to grow in the word of God. Eventually this desire led him to attend Bible College in 1999. After graduating College, Justin had the opportunity to travel to the nation of Pakistan and was apart of a Historic Gospel Festival that touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. These meetings where held in city of Quetta, just 60km's from Afghanistan's border.

From that first mission's journey he has not stopped. A passion for souls has led Justin to more than 32 countries. He has had the opportunity of sharing the Gospel on many different platforms some being held within prisons, churches, in conferences, on radio programs and special events. He has traveled to many unreached places to share the message of God's Love and Grace. Some of these places include; Vietnam, Russia, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, India, Estonia, Qatar, Bahrain, Indonesia and others to proclaim Christ's beautiful Gospel of salvation, healing and deliverance. In Canada he has visited many first nation communities leading in revival services.

Justin jouryned to Israel in 2005 and while staying on the Mount Of Olives, a new ministry project was placed on his heart. That project was to begin Tent Evangelism in Canada. That following summer the ministry obtained a bus and tent and set it up in a place in Northern Ontario to begin the outreachs. The first tent meetings went for almost four weeks and then moved indoors for another four. Many got to hear the Gospel and as a result people came to except Jesus into their life.

Justin's experience is that no matter what the addiction, sickness or trouble may be. Jesus continues to set people free and restore all who come to Him. By faithfully proclaiming His Word, Justin experiences Jesus' signs and wonders and miracles flowing from His Spirit of revival to all who hunger for Him. Justin's passion, energy, and enthusiasm are enjoyed everywhere he goes. As a young, dynamic and anointed speaker, Justin shares: "God loves you so much!"

Devotion of the Day

''...I KEEP WORKING TOWARDS THAT DAY WHEN I WILL FINALLY BE ALL THAT CHRIST...WANTS ME TO BE.'' PHILIPPIANS 3:12 What you set your heart on will determine how you spend your time and energy. It takes as much effort to live an unfulfilled life, as a rich rewarding one. The human brain has 2-billion megabytes of capacity, which means you have lots of room for growth.

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